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Welcome to the first of many pages for this pirate radio station that doesn't have a single mp3 in its library!

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Let's Learn How To Slice!!

What is slice? Slice, from Array.prototypce.slice(), is a method that returns a copy of a portion of an array into a brand new array object selected from begin to end. THe cool thing about this is that the orignal array isn't modified. It's great for taking parts of an array and putting them into something new.

It's like going to the grocery store. Think of the store as a giant array. Your shopping list contains the requried items. We can add to or remove, so it's a variable. Let's say we want everything from this store, but bananas. We would do the following

        var store = ['Banana', 'Chicken', 'Cheese', 'Milk', 'Almonds'];
        var list = store.slice(1);

When you run this snippet of code in javascript, it will return

[ 'Chicken', 'Cheese', 'Milk', 'Almonds' ]

See how useful that could be. Sometimes when we access data, we just want a small snippet of it, not a huge chunk! Check out more at the MDN for Slice!

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